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Friday, May 21, 2010

Todays NFL........Or Yesyerdays?......Or Just the NFL?..............

Todays NFL is full of miscreants and derelicts. But as you can see according to this list, so were, and are yesterdays. From alleged allegations to actual charges and convictions, this list is like the first day in law school: Intro to idiots and the entitlement syndrome 101. I’ve been pretty rough on BB for his off field B.S. (I mean alleged BS). However as a supporter of the Steelers I will root for BB upon his return. And I’m sure most will. (Even Chris at NicePickCowher). I guess this Steelers haze / veil I wear puts my team in a softer light than I perceive others around the league. I always held the Steelers with such high regard. One could compare it to the reverence faithful worshipers show to their deities. Heinz field being my Temple. I’ve now become a little cynical. Not Big Bens fault. It’s the daily barrage of idiocy. Whether it be MLB for a guy not "hustling" to the NFL and a positive test for HCG. Sh!% even the PGA got involved. Remember Daley? The pro athlete and the teams in particular exemplify the human condition. In my naivete I hoped, beyond hope, that they were better than the masses I live among. It just so happens that they are the same as those that live in my community. And I should treat them likewise.

May 18, 2010 Canadian doctor charged with lying to federal officials, smuggling, unlawful distribution of Human Growth Hormone, treating at least 3 NFL players with illegal or unapproved drugs, etc.
May 13, 2010 Prosecutors say they will not file criminal charges against former NFL running back Corey Dillon, who was arrested earlier this month after an argument with his wife.
May 6, 2010 Lawrence Taylor arraigned on rape and prostitution charges
May 4, 2010 Bengals WR Maurice Purify is arrested for disorderly conduct.
May 2, 2010 Saints Vicodin Lawsuit: Sean Payton Accused of Drug Cover-up
May 2, 2010 Former NFL player Corey Dillon was arrested at his Calabasas home Saturday on suspicion of assaulting his wife.
May 1, 2010 Chargers WR Vincent Jackson pleads guilty to knowingly driving with a suspended license.
Apr 28, 2010 Police: Fight over Facebook led to NFL player's arrest:Free Agent Safety Clinton Hart who spent 2009 with the Rams after six seasons in San Diego. Hart entered the league in 2003 as a member of the Eagles.
Apr 28, 2010 Redskins sign ex Viking Darrion Scott after he plead guilty to child endangerment charges in a plea deal to avoid assault charges which could involve serious jail time: this is the guy who called put a plastic dry cleaning bag over the head of his 2 year old son. Because of the plea bargain, he likely won't serve jail time.
Apr 26, 2010 Former Bears/Browns/Packers quarterback Mike Tomczak was arrested today and charged with two counts of simple assault, police told WPXI in Pittsburgh.
Apr 26, 2010 Report: Failed drug tests caused Aaron Hernandez's draft fall
Apr 24, 2010 Andrew Quarless, whom Green Bay selected with the first of its two fifth-round picks Saturday has an arrest record for DUI, underage drinking, marijuana found in his shared apartment, etc....
Apr 24, 2010 REPORT: The alleged sexual assault involving Colts defensive tackle Eric Foster largely has been ignored even as Goodell says Roethlisberger suspension could be extended.
Apr 24, 2010 Man accused of beating NFL’s Javon Walker found guilty
Apr 23, 2010 REPORT: While in high school, Randy Moss kicked another student coming to the defense of a friend and was charged with felony assault, but later the charge was lowered to a misdemeanor offense.
Apr 20, 2010 Woman accuses Colts' Defensive Tackle Eric Foster of sexual assault in civil suit.
Apr 17, 2010 Ed Joyner, Ben Roethlisberger Bodyguard, Under Investigation In Pennsylvania
Apr 17, 2010 Just as the "Days without an Arrest" meter crept back toward double digits reportedly police arrested Browns running back Chris Jennings on Saturday. He allegedly "ran into trouble" with the doorman at The Velvet Dog, and he was jailed on suspicion of assault.
Apr 12, 2010 "We do not prosecute morals. We prosecute crimes."--Ocmulgee Circuit District Attorney Fred Bright on the decision not to prosecute Steelers Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger
Apr 12, 2010 Seahawks' Linebacker Leroy Hill arrested, accused of assaulting girlfriend
April 1, 2010 Cleveland Browns nose tackle Shaun Rogers was arrested Thursday at Hopkins International Airport for having a loaded gun in his carry-on luggage.
April 1, 2010 Seahawks linebacker Leroy Hill pleaded guilty to a charge of marijuana possession Thursday and will serve 12 months of probation.
March 29, 2010 Dolphins/Cardinals Linebacker Joey Porter was arrested early Saturday morning in the parking lot of a fast food restaurant in Bakersfield.
March 27, 2010 Bears offensive lineman Lance Louis pled guilty Friday to misdemeanor battery.
March 25, 2010 Ryan Leaf, the man Mike & Mike in the Morning once described as the biggest d-bag in the history of the NFL, has plea bargained....Former NFL quarterback Ryan Leaf has agreed to plead guilty in his Texas drug and burglary case in exchange for 10 years of probation, attorneys in the case said Thursday.
March 22, 2010 Miami Dolphins running back Ronnie Brown, who had been in the suburban Atlanta area to help celebrate his parents' anniversary, was arrested on a charge of driving under the influence of alcohol and released from jail a few hours later, officials said Monday.
March 13, 2010 Packers TE Spencer Havner is arrested for DUI.
March 6, 2010 Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger accused of sexual assault.

Dude on my block gets accused of sexual assault twice, I’m sorry, no more BBQ invites. (Yeah, even accused, not convicted) The dude with the drug conviction? Same thing. DUI? I’m takin’ your keys. Assault on you girl? No invite and I will never respect you again. (I may even get a little physical with you myself). Bet you're a$$ the child abuse arrest would have the HOA figuring out a way to get you out. (And your safety during a nice evening walk may be a thing of the past.) Possession of pot? Your new nickname is Ricky. Attempting to bring an undeclared gun on a plane? Al. (for Al Queda).

Voices on various sites say "What if that were your son or daughter? How would you react?" Well they aren’t my children and IMO don’t deserve the same consideration my children would. (BTW I have both, Sons and a Daughter). So with that in mind. I will continue to support the Steelers and all of their dysfunction. I just may not be as optimistic and rosy eyed as I once was. It only took 40 years to get to this point. (Not a bad run) The human condition is just that, Human. And I, my friends have succumed to being one. Faults and all. GO STEELERS! Screw the superstar.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Arians is a Douche.....

Art Rooney did not say the Steelers needed to run the ball more; he said they needed to run it more effectively. Coach Mike Tomlin acknowledged as much later, and Tuesday, Arians agreed in his first interview since the end of the season.

Effective running? Not a creative short passing game? Passing is just that, passing. And running is just that, running. If I pass a ball ten yards down the field, it's caught, and my reciever falls, its still 10 yards. If I hand the ball to a work horse and he rumbles for four, smashes a lid and knees for one more, thats 35 yards. How do you ask? (Punishment you bitch ass NFC west MoFo's. Punishment). Those pounding knees take a fu({ING toll.
(It pays off when the other teams wear out you fools)
Steelers Football!
I believe Mr. Arians is living in a dream world. Its as if he thinks he created this team. AHHEM…… Anyone remember Ken Wisenhunt? On Jan. 27, 2007 Arians became the Off. Coord. of this (his) team, or the remnance of Kennys boys. KW won two rings IMO, Arians has won 0. Just because his lucky ass is on the sideline means nothing to me……..He is a schmuck.


P.S. I've been seeing a lot of A-Team previews. Sorry about the "fool" reference.


Friday, May 14, 2010

Crime vs. Punishment

I've been seeing a lot about the Brian Cushing re-vote lately around various sites. Its seems that there are mainly two camps out there.
Camp 1. Brian Cushing cheated and therefore doesn't deserve the DROY (Defensive Rookie of the Year) award and Camp 2, Brian Cushing was punished by the league and everything else doesn't matter.
Well I don't believe its quite that clear. Let me first state that HCG does occur naturally in males, although its generally not in testable ammounts. This we know, Cush had testable ammounts of HCG in his body. Unless he was trying to get pregnant there really wasn't a good excuse for that ammount to be there. So, he violated the NFL's banned substance list. The Nfl punished Cush by suspending him for the first 4 games of the season. Thats 4 weeks without playing or pay. That is the NFLs policy. Same punishment as Holmes.
Since this test was failed last September a lot of people believe he should also lose his AP DROY award and are blasting the media for their hypocrasy. Remember their hollier than thou stance againt MLBers during the late 90's and early 2000's?
I believe the punishment and lack of one fit the crime. While I don't agree with tha AP re-vote results (Cush retained the award with 18 first place votes) I'm not fully convinced he didn't deserve it. Let me explain. After a player tests positive and awaiting the appeals process to play out, he is subject to frequent tests from his team and agents / lawyers to prove he remained clean throughout the process. This means that after his positive result in September he remained clean throughout the rest of the season. I think he earned the award, kind of. I'm not condoning what hes done but how mad can I get?
Roethlisberger is facing up to 6 games missed this season due to his conduct detrimental to the league. Different rule break, different action. The difference in the two is that Cushings sentence guideline is set in stone, black and white. It's in the rule book. Roethlisbergers sentence was in the hands of Goodell. A grey area.
I believe that for any orginization to be succcessful at enforcing its rules they first have to be consistent. Conduct detrimental is a hard rule to set a standard punishment for because of all the possible infractions that may be commited. So it is what it is right now.
The league should have been harder on BB and the media should have crusified Cush. Just my opinion. Crime and Punishment sometimes a little to grey.

Monday, May 10, 2010

BB, Cush, LT and the future of the NFL

Sometimes my “humor” doesn’t translate in writing. When I learn to write better perhaps my comments will be enjoyed. LOL?
Anyways, the Cush thing doesn’t help the sport in the eyes of the casual fan, which is what the NFL depends on for revenue. Diehards only spend so much per year. The casual observer buying that jersey or ticket is who they (the NFL) are marketing to. And with the BB press, LT ad now Cush, a lockout will kill the NFL. We saw what happens to Major sports when the “casual” fan is repulsed by the greed, roids and shenanigans. MLB and MLH still haven’t recoverd. JMO. Anyways, had a couple of copper pieces burning a hole in my pocket. Thanks for letting me drop ‘em here. Oh yeah. it's my page.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

It occurred to me. you don't know how I became a fan...........

My Grandfather took me to my first Steelers game,January 12th 1975. SuperBowl IX. Minn. vs. Pitt. I was young, 5 yrs old. I fell asleep during the game, (so I was told). But I was branded from then on. He got the tickets from a client / Cowboys fan and the 4 of us G&G, my brother (a Rams fan) and I made a 4 day trip of it. Cult membership was easy, I didn’t have to sell my belongings (GI Joe’s’ and Tonkas) and move to S. America. I just put on those B&G clothes Granny and Gramps kept sending. I enjoyed this write up quite a bit ( It brought back memories of a bygone youth and the time with Gramps. And also gave me the blueprint for exactly how it was that I became initiated to the B&G. Helluva marketing scheme Rooneys. Take a kid + Grandparents + SB IX = STEELER Faithful! Very Sneaky, but well appreciated. Long live STEELERS football! And Thanks Gramps, you unwitting pawn in the cult fellowship indoctrination.

"If I could start my life all over again, I would be a professional football player, and you damn well better believe I would be a Pittsburgh Steeler."

-- Jack Lambert --

Friday, May 7, 2010

Russell meets with Steelers hours after getting released by Oakland.....

In the endless pursuit to BE the Raiders east, the Steelers are reported to be meeting with Russell. Having Lefty, Dix, Batch and that dude from Ohio, the Steelers realize that they must key in on that "talent from oaktown". Apparently 4 QB's is one too few. In their endless pursuit of mediocrity at the QB position the Steelers believe they have achieved utter ineptness with Russell. All the money owed Russell assures the Rooneys' won't have to look at another UDFA, as they can't afford 'em now. Being outbidded by Cincy for Pac-man, the Steelers are feeling the heat to get Russell in their stable. "We is what we is" has been seen scrawled across the facility. Ryan Leafs agent is said to be flying into the "Burgh" tonight. After the release of Harrison, Hampton and a handful of others ( including Clark, Ward, Colon, Miller and Polamalu) the team thinks they can acquire, Bosworth, H. Long, and the original LT. (LT may have a problem making OTA's but should be good to go by Sept.) Colbert is working OT this off season to assure us all that the Steelers are to be rekond with. God save the Queen.........

Meant tongue in cheek as in the workingon7 original post

Brian Cushing Supended 4 games

Brian Cushing of the Texans was appearantly suspended after failing the leagues drug policy. Unbelivable for the second year kid. Doesn't anyone these yahoos hire do anything but take their money? I mean really? All that cash and he tests dirty. It's a sad state of affairs in the NFL. Perhaps a play stoppage will wake these schmucks up. And who knows, we may rebound better than ever. Or hopefully better than MLB or the NHL.